5 Promotional Product Trends to Watch in 2017

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Want people to remember your business? While a brochure or data stick might get lost in the paper shuffle or inadvertently thrown away, putting your company name on a promotional product can help make sure you stick around long after the business event or meeting ends.

Yet, with so many promotional options on the market today, it can be difficult to decipher which one is the best fit for your company.

Today, we're breaking down the top five promotional product trends to watch this year, so you can be sure you're getting the most impact for your dollar.

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1. Smart and Functional

Do you know the #1 reason that people keep a promotional gift? It's not because it's attractive or looks cool on a desk.

It's because the product is useful.

While tech-related gifts, such as earbuds, are becoming increasingly popular due to their usefulness, they aren't the only way to go.

Any gift that can be leveraged by your prospect or client to make his or her day easier is a great option. And remember, the longer your client makes use of your promotional product, the greater opportunity for brand exposure. 

2. Unique, High-Quality Design

Today's customer is more difficult to impress and more quickly distracted than ever before. In fact, studies show that the average attention span today is eight seconds, shorter than that of a goldfish. 

To that end, a promotional product that's generic, low-quality, or lacks creativity will most likely be discarded. Trending products are those that immediately say, "This is a company that's different from the rest."

When choosing your next promotional product, look for one that's solidly constructed and allows you to customize it to grab –and maintain–your customer’s attention.

3. Think Outside the Office

Sure, your logo on a mouse pad is great, but once closing time rolls around and the lights are turned off, it can quickly be forgotten.

More frequently, companies are choosing promotional gifts that can be used outside of the office. Coasters are a great example of this. Lightweight and easy to transport, they're a simple way to make sure that every time a client sits a drink down (at work or at home), your brand is on their mind. 

4. Less Waste, More Use

As eco-consciousness continues to grow, customers are looking for promotional gifts that are easy on the environment. As such, a product that's used once and then discarded won't shine as bright as one that can be reused and repurposed multiple times.

One example that fits this trend? Custom match boxes. A match box is typically shared between persons in the office, and it can even be shared with other, outside partners, increasing your sphere of influence. 

5. A Focus on Wellness

Fitness has shifted from being just a hobby to becoming a full-on lifestyle. In response, health and wellness-related promotional gifts are hot this year.

The good news is that these products don't have to break the bank. Even a gift such as a logoed pack of facial tissues is enough to send the message that you care about your clients' health.

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