Why Are Matchbooks a Great Promo Item for Hospitality?

Why Are Matchbooks a Great Promo Item for Hospitality?

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What branded promotional item can strike more than a chord with potential clients and add a little flame to your brand exposure? Customizable matchbooks, of course!

Promotional items stand proud as a tried and true way of building brand loyalty, exposure, and identity. Further, gift giving has an incredibly powerful impact on relationships at a primal level.

In hospitality, relationships built with business partners and customers are everything! Using customized matchbooks as promotional items will help those relationships, even when they go home.

Why Matchbooks?

The number one reason why people keep a promotional item is because it’s useful. A study by the Bensalem, Penn.-based promotional item juggernaut, Advertising Specialty Institute, shows that this applies to all promotional items in all countries studied.

The same study found that the vast majority of international and domestic respondents will actually give a promotional item away if they don’t want it anymore, rather than throwing it away.

People simply can’t bring themselves to throw something away that is useful, helpful and practical. A book of matches is all of those things.

Not only are customized matches useful, they are genuinely one of a kind. So much so that they evade the auspices of one of the world’s largest promotional items organizations.

The hospitality and promotional items industries are noisy and it’s so hard to rise above the clamor. However, matchbooks offer a superb combination of effectiveness and uniqueness to make your business in hospitality stand out.

Go with Your Customers

In more ways than one, travelers take things home with them. What they take with them can impact what they think about your business.

Research by the industry group, Promotional Products Association International, says that the perceived value of an item changes what a person thinks about the purpose of the item.

Items with higher perceived value are more likely to be thought of as gifts or as a way of saying thank you and are more impactful. Those items that are perceived as having lower value are thought of more like advertisements, alerting them to your company and its services.

The best way to improve the perceived value of anything is to give it a “custom look.” So, giving a high-value feel to an affordable, high-quality product, like a customized matchbook, can give customers a gift to take with them to remind them about their experience with your business (rather than taking the towels!)

Your Look, Your Way

Wagner Match can customize your matches any way you like them — all the way from basic boxes with one logo to custom box shapes and works of art. See for yourself just how far our designs go.

Adding your logo or other custom designs to a book of matches simply ups the unique factor as a promotional item.

Identity through promotion is key. Custom matchbooks can give you (and your customers) a useful tool and effective reminder about your business and its brand.

Contact us today to begin your custom design.


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