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About Wagner Match

Outstanding Service Since 1981
Wagner Match has specialized in providing impeccable service to the hospitality, entertainment and service industries since 1981. Our customers are the finest in their industries and demand the very best. Our customers know that when they work with us, they get exceptional, one-on-one customer service and consistency.

We began providing high-quality matchbooks and matchboxes in 1981, and over the years we have added and new promotional items to help our clients offer additional ways to keep in touch with their valued customers. We know the marketplace and can help you with the products that will best serve your needs.

Top Products
We carry the top products in the marketplace with many choices of box matches and book matches styles in a wide variety of colors, sizes and coordinating match tip colors. We also carry a selection of small promotional items that you may provide to your customers.

The Scratchpads, Tissue Packets, Toothpick Booklets and Dinner Mints are a nice alternative to the traditional matchbook. They are small enough for your customers to carry in their purse or pocket and are a great reminder of their visit to your business. The Scratchpads are the same size as a matchbook, but contain perforated note paper!

Customized To Your Exact Needs
Just send us your logo and all of your information and we will help you design a custom matchbook or matchbox cover! We provide exceptional graphic support and proof every job to ensure you get exactly what you want.

When only the best will do!
Just give us a call and and let our experienced staff help you create the perfect design for your custom box or book matches.  All we need is your logo and company information and we can help you get started right away.

Jack Wagner, Wagner Match

Best wishes,

Jack Wagner

Did You Know...

Matches are "The Business Card With a Purpose"

Custom Match Books

Matches are great advertising - a custom designed matchbook can include your address, phone number, logo and Web address

Custom Tooth Pick Packs

Matches are highly collectible and make great souvenirs

Printed Drink Coasters

The Hospitality Industry has used matches as a promotional tool for over 100 years

Logoed Kleenex

Matches have many household uses  - your customer will be reminded of your business every time they light one

Custom Printed Mints

Matchbooks are often passed on to friends - just like a business card

Restaurant Drink Coasters

Wagner Match is one of the top distributorships in the country yet you will always deal directly with the owners

Special Event Kleenex

We can fit any budget with our wide variety of styles, sizes and colors


Matches let your customer know the style of your restaurant -  brew pub, fine dining, cuisine - whatever your style!

Promotional Mint Packs

We have so many colors, styles, sizes and extras that the choices are almost endless - we can help you create something really unique to promote your image

Custom Mint Packs

And last but not least - it's fun working with Wagner Match!  We will give you great customer service AND a quality product. Try us!


Phone: 303.674.2787
Toll Free: 800.678.7626
Fax: 303.674.2994
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