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Custom Toothpick Packs

Wagner Match toothpicks, like our book and box matches, may be custom printed in a wide variety of colors and styles to help you promote your company's image.  These are high-quality, tooled toothpicks in sealed booklets of 7 or 10 picks.

Custom Toothpick Price List

custom toothpick packs
10-pick booklet

If you're looking for something different, toothpick booklets are a great new way to promote your business in addition to custom printed match books.  Your customers will keep these in their pocket or purse, in the car, or around the home.

  • Booklet size 1-9/16 x 2-1/2 inches
  • 7 or 10-picks per booklet
  • Tooled Handles
  • Each booklet is sealed in sanitary polywrap

Base prices include 1 color on glossy white kromekote cover.  Gold or silver count as two colors

Printed Tooth PIck Packs

Unique custom toothpick packs

7-pick booket

Current Prices listed below and in this pdf for convenient download and reference:

Custom Toothpick Price List



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