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Custom Printed Dinner Mints

Printed Dinner Mints Price List

Custom Mint Flavors


Cool, creamy mint blended with buttery richness. Also available in an assorted mix of soft pastel colors - pink, yellow, green and white.

Custom Printed Mints - Jelly filled

Jelly Filled Mints

Delightful jellies in anise, lemon, mint and orange wrapped inside creamy Buttermints.

Printed Mint Flavors

Fruit & Cream Mints

Available in three flavors: Oranges and Cream, Raspberries and Cream or Strawberries and Cream, all deliciously creamy and bursting with fruit flavor.

Printed MInts - Soft Peppermint

Soft Peppermints

Reminiscent of an old-fashioned peppermint stick, a delightful melt-in-your-mouth treat.

Gourmet Mint Flavors

White Gourmet Chocolate Mints

Buttermints drenched in luscious dark chocolate, topped with a sweet white candy coating. (Longer lead time required)

Classic Custom Mints

Classic Mint Starlites

A burst of freshness in a classic mint taste. Also available in cinnamon, green peppermint or spearmint.

Hard Mint Balls

Hard Mint Balls

Great mint flavor and spicy pizzazz. Available in cinnamon or peppermint.

Sugar Free Mints

Sugar free Mints

Fresh, cool flavor without the sugar.

Fruit Balls

Assorted Fruit Balls

Great fruity flavors in orange, cherry, lime, lemon and grape.

Chololate Mint Creams

Chocolate Mint Creams

A taste-tempting combination of ultra-rich chocolate and creamy, smooth buttermints.

Also available: Chocolate Orange Creams, combine tangy orange jelly encased in a buttermint, dipped in chocolate or Coffee Mints with a savory coffee cream center drenched in dark chocolate. Longer lead times required for Chocolate orange and coffee.

Chololate Mints

Assorted Chocolate Mints

Delicious Buttermints dipped in dark chocolate, coupled with bright, sweet candy coatings.

Current prices listed below and in this pdf for convenient download and reference:

Dinner Mints Price List


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