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Unique Shape Matchboxs

Printed Drink Coasters

Restaurant matchbook

4 Color matchbook and matchboxes

Custom matchbook and matchboxes

Unique Shape Match Books

Wagner Match
We specialize in the finest, high-quality, custom color matchbooks and matchboxes, toothpick booklets, drink coasters, imprinted napkins, dinner mints and more!

Top ProductsRush Orders Available
We carry the top products in the marketplace with many choices of box matches and book matches styles in a wide variety of colors, sizes and coordinating match tip colors. We also carry a selection of small promotional items that you may provide to your customers.

Alternatives to Matches
The Scratchpads, Kleenex Tissue Packets, Toothpick Booklet Packs and Custom Printed Mints are a nice alternative to the traditional matchbook. They are small enough for your customers to carry in their purse or pocket and are a great reminder of their visit to your business. The Scratchpads are the same size as a matchbook, but contain perforated note paper! Our customers are the finest in the hospitality, entertainment and service industries and demand the very best.

Exceptional Service
21 Years of Selling Quality Products!When you work with us, you get exceptional, one-on-one customer service and consistency. We have been creating high-quality matchbooks, matchboxes and other promotional items since 1981. We know the marketplace and can help you with the products that will best serve your needs.

Custom For You
Just send us your logo and all of your information and we will help you design a custom matchbook or matchbox cover! We provide exceptional graphic support and proof every job to ensure you get exactly what you want.  When your order is produced, we will ship a portion of your order using overnight delivery at no additional cost.

When only the best will do!
Just give us a call and let our experienced staff help you create the perfect design for your custom box or book matches.  All we need is your logo and company information and we can help you get started right away.


Full Color Match Boxes

Custom matchbook and matchboxes

Custom Printed Mints

Full color matchbook and matchboxes

custom toothpick packs

Custom toothpick book

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