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Wagner Match

Are you looking for an incredible way to help your business stand out and be remembered by your customers? Sometimes it is the little things in life that work the best. At Wagner Match, we specialize in creating the finest, high-quality, custom matchbooks and custom matchboxes, custom coasters, and toothpick booklets, imprinted napkins, and dinner mints. All of our products can be made just the way you want them, so they represent you, your business, and are eye-catching to your customers.

Matchbooks conjure up images of nostalgia, promotional freebies, and keepsakes.

Think that matchbooks have seen their hay day? Think again. What once was old is new again, thanks in part to their resurgence in the promotional industry as well as in their enduring love by collectors. Matchbooks continue to strike back!

Used for more than just smoking, matchbooks are perfect for lighting candles, fireplaces, sparklers, charcoal grills - you get the idea.

Whether you look at matchbooks for igniting a flame or for adding to your hobby collection, they're a product that continues to generate interest among businesses and consumers alike.The hospitality and restaurant industries have long known that matchbooks are great promotional items.

A matchbook is a business card with a purpose.A walking billboard of advertising traveling with the consumer. Plus, who doesn’t love a freebie?

So what do we attribute to their enduring popularity?

With custom logos featuring beautiful, vibrant colors and designs that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, matchbooks are both useful and a piece of pop culture art for many. A souvenir with a useful purpose.