Phillumeny: Interesting Facts About Matchbox Collecting

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The first matches and matchboxes began selling to the public in 1826. Since that time, individuals have made a point to collect these small, but unique, marketing pieces. Throughout history, people would bring home matchboxes as souvenirs from their travels, thus increasing their popularity for collectors. With just a small space in your suitcase, you could bring home plenty of memories. The hobby of collecting matches, matchboxes, matchbooks, and labels is known as phillumeny. Collectors are referred to as phillumenists. … Read More

The Top 5 Promotional Items to Boost Your Brand

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Make no mistake, people love receiving free items! It doesn’t really matter what the item is, either. Somehow, just the thought of getting it gratis works to increase its perceived value. Of course, it’s an even better idea to give out promotional items that truly are useful. If you’re interested in using the psychology of free stuff to your business’s advantage, read on to learn which items are the most effective ones to give out. 1. The Pen is Mighty … Read More

5 Reasons Why Custom Matchboxes are Perfect for Marketing

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Freebies, giveaways, and handouts may seem like a waste of time, resources, or money, but they actually encourage business and sales. Go to any conference or meet and greet and you’ll see a barrage of freebies. T-shirts, tote bags, business cards, and more. It’s a marketing gold mine. The one promotional material you may not have considered, though, are custom matchboxes. We’re going to take a look at the top reasons why these promotional materials may be the best marketing … Read More

Why People Love Giveaways

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There is nothing quite as fun as getting a giveaway. From business owners to consumers, free items are a great way to drum up excitement about a company. Freebies, whether they’re practical giveaways or free food samples, are a powerful marketing strategy for your business. According to one study by Costco, setting out samples boosted product sales by 2000 percent! What is it about these fun little treats that are so enticing? Here are a few reasons why customers and … Read More

4 Marketing Promotions from the Past That are Effective Today

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In this modern digital age, you may think each technological advancement and product promotion is paving the way for improved marketing techniques. However, just because a marketing strategy is new doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be successful. While it’s always good to test out new marketing strategies, never forget some of the classic marketing tools that have aided companies for years. You can use them as inspiration or tweak them to fit with today’s standards. There are perks and … Read More

Why Are Matchbooks a Great Promo Item for Hospitality?

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What branded promotional item can strike more than a chord with potential clients and add a little flame to your brand exposure? Customizable matchbooks, of course! Promotional items stand proud as a tried and true way of building brand loyalty, exposure, and identity. Further, gift giving has an incredibly powerful impact on relationships at a primal level. In hospitality, relationships built with business partners and customers are everything! Using customized matchbooks as promotional items will help those relationships, even when … Read More

5 Promotional Product Trends to Watch in 2017

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Want people to remember your business? While a brochure or data stick might get lost in the paper shuffle or inadvertently¬†thrown away,¬†putting your company name on a promotional product can help make sure you stick around long after the business event or meeting ends. Yet, with so many promotional options on the market today, it can be difficult to decipher which one is the best fit for your company. Today, we’re breaking down the top five promotional product trends to … Read More